Michael Windzor


Graphic / Design / Adobe

3 Rating

Graphic Design

Learn and apply graphic design principles, color, and typography for better designs! Are you frustrated with the quality of your graphic designs, or wonder how graphic designers create effective content? Or do you simply want to learn more about graphic design or get started as a graphic designer?

In this course, you will learn and then apply design principles to create various graphic designs, including an online advertisement, an effective infographic, a gig poster with type as a design element, and an illustrative postcard design. You will learn how color schemes can be created and applied in graphic designs. You will also learn how effective typography can improve your designs as well.

  • Level: Advanced.
  • Commitment: 3 to 5 hours per week
  • Language: English
  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Pass all graded assignments to complete the course.
  • Time: Flexible

This course will enable you to be come a better graphic designer, whether you're new to graphic design or simply want to improve. I'll see you in the course!


HELLENA WHITE - Must learn

I'm loving the course so far. Primarily I like the idea of covering principles so that the designer can have a good foundation before covering the mechanics. It's also great that he covered just enough hands on in the beginning to demystify how the programs work and to give motivation for visual awesomeness.


Highly recommended to anyone who is a graphic designer but needs a better understanding of how things tie together.

DALIA CRUZ - Typography

The typography section of the course was so interesting and really valuable for my work.